The importance of campfire stories from Gloria Steinem

We came across this too good not to share quote from Gloria Steinem during some project research today! It aligns so well with what we believe about the collaborative design process. 

Her full quote:

"For most of human history, we’ve been sitting around campfires telling stories. This is how we teach, learn, empathize and discover both our uniqueness and our community. This is why our brains are organized by narrative and by image. This is how we see what we can be. This is how we understand what might be possible.

But if our story is not present in some form, we feel alone, wrong, even invisible. After all, we are communal animals, which is why isolation is the most severe punishment.

This is why there’s nothing more important than feeling seen and heard at the campfire – and the media are the current campfire.” - Gloria Steinem

Also check out her full speech on the topic: "Media: More Real than Reality" from the Rutgers Institute for Women's Leadership (IWL) presents the 2013-2014 Susan and Michael J. Angelides Lecture.