Tilted III on February 28!

One of our favorite annual events is coming up later this month! The TILTED conference brings together entrepreneurs and small business owners/employees to talk about the real challenges -- and solutions -- to effective growth and day-to-day operations. For Campfire & Co., Tilted has inspired and influenced our small business during some key growth moments. Just 2 years ago, a conversation at the first Tilted event led Christina to leave her full time job and jump on board with Campfire & Co with the support and advice of a strong entrepreneur community.

Again last year, the Tilted conference was a big catalyst to our marketing maven, Christie, working to start the non-profit Creo Corps, and eventually leave her full time job to join us! In addition to some serious inspiration and support, we have had the pleasure to meet some of our favorite local collaborators and creatives at Tilted. Oh, did we mention it's only $45 and includes breakfast and lunch?

So many reasons to join us at Tilted on February 28! Learn more here