TV-inspired Gift Guide: BoJack Horseman, Veep, + Big Little Lies

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For this year's Gift Guide, we're bringing you a collection or two of gifts inspired by some of this year's greatest scripted shows. We're also partnering up again with our buds at The Apple Cart to bring you even more TV themed gifts, because if streaming taught us nothing, it ensured we all understand the true meaning of great entertainment: you can never have enough.

Gift Guide Part 2

Inspired by: BoJack Horseman, Veep, + Big Little Lies

There's something very soothing about TV cartoons with more issues than most of us humans, amiright? If you know someone who's mixing drinks in between episodes, constantly apologizing for using the F word in front of coworkers, or plotting ways to keep friends close and enemies closer, this gift guide is just for you my friend. 


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