branding • print design • interior concepts

Corgibytes was created on a mission to maintain and improve the world’s existing code — a talent that Andrea Goulet-Ford and Scott Ford are passionate about. In the rebranding of Corgi Bites, Campfire & Co. created playful, techy brand elements that demonstrate the lighthearted approach of the brand, while also expanding the brand’s color pallet to adhere to a need for an array of colors to use in the coding process. In addition to designing a graphic identity for Corgibytes, Campfire & Co. helped Andrea and Scott with interior design options for the layout, furnishings, and artwork that makes up their small yet hyper functional office space.  For this project, Campfire & Co.'s interior design work was conceptual and planning based, allowing Andrea and Scott to take the reigns and enact the updates and purchasing on their own.  

“Since our rebrand with Campfire & Co., we have doubled our revenue, been offered paid speaking engagements, and attracted top talent in our industry. We are taken more seriously as a company and I feel more confident putting my ideas out there because our branding stands up on a national scale. We get so many compliments on the branding and our logo, it’s taken on a life of its own. Campfire & Co. was able to understand our vision very quickly and nailed the design for both our brand and our interiors right off the bat. We really valued the ability to start with our brand guide and build on the identity over time, adding interiors and other elements as needed. Campfire & Co. has had a huge impact on Corgibytes and we can’t wait to work with them again!”
— Andrea Goulet, Co-Founder & CEO, Corgibytes