At Atlas Financial, planners take a thoughtful, all-inclusive approach, carefully balancing client goals, investments, taxes, estates, and risk to make sure they can reach their financial potential. At every phase of their collaborative relationships, Atlas' focus is always on transparency and trust. As an independently-owned firm offering a fee-only service structure, Atlas Financial makes every decision with the client's best interest in mind only.

Owner, PJ Wallin came to us after outgrowing his office at the popular co-working space, Gather. Campfire & Co. helped PJ create a plan to transform a tight, roughly 600 SF space on 3rd Street into a modern, professional, and efficient office. As financial planners, Atlas was very sensitive to privacy, needing to both control sound and views into the office during meetings. Campfire & Co. utilized a custom ceiling installation and felt wall panels for sound control as well as strategically placed furniture and operable shades to minimize sight lines into the space. The final design includes enough room for two personal desks, small meeting space, an informal coffee bar, small kitchenette, and full bathroom equipped with a shower to serve PJ's enthusiasm for biking to work.