The end of this month marks my one year anniversary of leaving the corporate world and venturing out into the uncharted territory of self-employment. It was a huge jump, but the closer I got to it, the more I couldn’t imagine going another direction. 

But it was seriously scary! How would I pay my mortgage? Or afford groceries? Or new shoes? 

Now that I am approaching this one year milestone and reflecting, I see that I was able to take these steps because I had support. Being self-employed does not mean working alone. I had amazing friends, helpful strangers, and a very patient business partner encouraging me during those scary times. 

This is why we are so excited about CREO CORPS here at Campfire.


Learning together and from others is the real magic behind running our own company. We love the idea of a place where business owners can gather, learn and grow. If you’ve heard of the i.e. startup competition - great! If not, its an opportunity to give ideas like this one a chance to become reality. Learn more about CREO CORPS here and your vote will help this idea make it to the presentation round. Thank you!!