Brand Strategy: Why it Matters


At Campfire, we like to tell clients that a lot of what we do is "brand therapy," asking the hard questions and diving deep into your story. Recently, we realized that not all of our clients understand why we place so much importance on this strategic step in the branding process and we thought a handy list might be helpful! 

Campfire & Co's list of why brand strategy matters:


Defining, capturing, and sharing your story lets you frame the conversation around your brand. Without ownership of the story, your audience will write one for you - and it might not be the one you want. 


Every decision you make can be benchmarked against your strategy. This allows for intentional growth over time - you’re not moving wherever the wind takes you, you’ve carefully drawn a map and are taking steps to follow it.


When brands are built on real stories they contain texture and dimension. You know you’re business is much more than a logo and sharing your story proves it. No one enjoys a shallow person and the same is true for brands. 


Now that you’ve defined your audience, you can begin creating real connections with them. What do they love? What do they hate? Where do they hangout and what do they read? The more you learn about them, the more you can relate to them. 


Defining your strategy, taking ownership of your brand, and making your mission known is not only captivating to your audience but to your employees. People want a reason to wake up and believe in their work. Sharing your strategy internally lets employees gain ownership of the brand in their own way. They will be your brand ambassadors, so invest in them by sharing your vision.  


The adage, "fake it till you make it," takes a lot of confidence. Sometimes you need to show that confidence before you have a lot of clients.  With ownership of your multi-dimensional brand, a map to guide your decisions, a connection to your audience, and passionate employees - confidence in your business will be second nature. 


At Campfire, strategy is how we start every project. Just as it acts as your internal guide, it's also our project guide that informs everything we create - from your brand's graphic elements to your website layout and copy and even the interior design of your office or storefront.  We believe this process will let us build the brightest brand possible together.