Nine Roses Jewelers: GRAND OPENING


We are SO excited to share the details of Nine Roses Jewelers GRAND OPENING party this Saturday at  19 North Belmont Avenue in Richmond's historic Museum District! Nine Roses is a meticulously curated jewelry shop and lifestyle brand that values the intimate connection between individuals and their adornment. They believe in modern techniques rooted in tradition and sacred beauty. Seeking to live beyond the ordinary, Nine Roses is inspired by transformation, spontaneity, and an ever growing sense of wonder.

We had the awesome pleasure of working with Nine Roses co-founders Eliza Spell and Nick DeRosa on the creation of their identity and branding, website design, interior design, marketing strategy and planning. This was a really exciting project for Campfire & Co since we we're given an opportunity to develop and design every aspect of the Nine Roses brand experience from their gold foil stamped busisness cards to digital details online and up to the moment a customer steps into their brick and mortar shop.  We worked to design each moment a potential customer interacts with the Nine Roses brand to evoke a modern, non-traditional aesthetic that's rooted in the sacred beauty of heirloom jewelry. Having such a deep understanding of the brand identity allowed us to take their strategy one step further and develop a comprehensive marketing, networking, and public relations plan for Nick and Eliza. These plans give them the framework to reach their goals through building relationships with customers and other key local contacts to ensure the brand and business thrives over time. Check out more brand details from the Nine Roses project here

Don't forget to RSVP to the Nine Roses grand opening party! Hope to see you on Saturday!