Introducing Gather: Scott's Addition!

Gather is officially expanding into Scott's Addition! With neighbors like Ardent Brewery, Lamplighter Coffee, and Peter Chang's, Scott's Addition is the perfect spot for a new community gathering space for innovative working.

Our friends at the popular downtown co-working space enlisted Campfire & Co’s help to consider the brand experience at their new location.  Wanting to celebrate the best aspect’s of Gather’s current space in an intentional way while adding more private offices and outdoor space, Campfire developed a series of initial conceptual designs built around the enhancing the current brand and developing it further. 


One of the big goals for the new Gather location was to retain the best parts of a vibrant co-working atmosphere within a plan that maximized private offices. We developed the idea of staggering the sizes of offices and clustering them together in neighborhoods with a central gathering point for each. This gathering point would retain shared community space and encourage unintentional interaction points throughout the day. 


It was also very important to the Gather team to consider the experience of a new visitor. Some of the best aspects of Gather’s first location, the shared community kitchen and flex space, were somewhat tucked away in the basement. At the new location, we wanted to celebrate these spaces as you immediately enter the building. Stopping to grab a cup of local coffee, saying hello to some of the regular members, checking out the community chalk board, it was important that all of these moments could happen within the first few steps of entering Gather.


Campfire also helped the Gather team reconsider the layout of their new parking lot. We wanted to emphasize the importance of a street focused entry. As guests arrive at Gather, either by car, bike, or foot, we wanted them to enter through community-focused outdoor space, not through a maze of cars. We repositioned the outdoor green space to the right of the parking lot, engaging with the sidewalk and street front. In addition to a more thoughtful entry, it also builds a greater visual presence on Broad Street, contributing to the revitalization of a historic road. 

The final conceptual plans celebrate and enhance Gather’s brand experience by highlighting key touch points within their vibrant co-working community, encouraging the coveted unintentional daily interactions that contribute to creativity and innovative thinking while maintaining increased office spaces and a new lush outdoor green space.  Campfire & Co had a blast working with the Gather team to develop these brand experience concepts and ideas. Gather’s team really understands our mission and the importance of building a brand that spans from graphic identity to lived experiences. We couldn't ask for a more perfect fit!  

Cheers to Gather and all of the awesome people that had a part in this project so far! (PS - Check out more info on the project in this great article from Richmond BizSense).