Small Business Tools: Making Friends in RVA

Enjoying    Eastern Land Collective   's grand opening last week!

Enjoying Eastern Land Collective's grand opening last week!

Networking is a scary word to most people. The thing is, "networking" is just the pants suit version of "making new friends who work for cool businesses and like to do rad things." You don’t have to follow any specific set of rules or constantly be selling yourself, you can do what feels natural to you while attempting to make authentic connections with other folks you like being around.

Now that you're ready to go meet some cool new people, here’s a short list of Campfire & Co.’s favorite places to catch up with our network of pals in Richmond:  

  • HYPE - Organized by the Greater Richmond Chamber, HYPE is an on-going networking group for young professionals in Richmond. Events are focused around supporting individual growth in your career as well as laid back happy hour meet and greets. You can buy a monthly subscription or pay as you go for specific events. For event notices, get on their newsletter here.

  • Beer + Design - Put on by the Virginia Society AIA, these events focus on so much more than architecture. Every few months, they curate a group of 3-4 designers/makers/doers in Richmond to give short talks on what they're up to. Follow them on facebook to get updates on events.

  • C3 Richmond - C3 puts on free monthly breakfast and lunch events where you can learn from other creative small businesses. Get on their newsletter here.

  • Modern Richmond Tours - Apprecaite all things modern in the area with monthly tours by Modern Richmond. These tours bring a great crowd of creative thinkers and designers. Follow their events on facebook here.

  • RVA Makers - A monthly meet up at studios around Richmond to see local makers in action. Focuses on the craft of "making" and connecting those who make or are interested in making. Get on their newsletter here.

  • AIGA Richmond - Drink and draw happy hours, roundtable discussions, awards and more with Richmond's association for design. Find events here.

  • Tilted Conference - While only once a year, this conference is a full day event that brands itself as an "un-conference." It's for small businesses who want to connect with other creative, enerngized folks.

Other cool groups to follow that occassionally put on events:

More fun conferences: 

One last thought about networking, if you can't find the right group or organization you fit into in Richmond, make your own! All it takes is a few email addresses of people you want to talk shop with and happy hour meet up every few months. Seriously, try it!! 

What are your favorite places to meet new creative folks in Richmond? Let us know in the comments!