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You know that feeling when you have an ah-mazing meal and your just have to tell everyone about the experience you had? Think about the environment, the menu, the presentation of your food, the thoughtful server that was welcoming and attentive, and how all those things came together in the perfect Instagram worthy moment. These experiences don't happen by chance. Someone put a great deal of thought and effort into creating a dining experience that would wow customers. Now, consider your business' website. Is it an experience that will make your clients say, "ooooh, I love this!" ? Consider the flow of a visitor, the imagery and copy they read - does it combine to create something unique? We really think it should. 


Your customers are not the only ones who should love your site. You should love it too, and not just because it's beautiful but because it makes your life easier. Do you get a million emails with the same three questions? Do you get tired of searching for that PDF you always send clients? Don't make it hard for clients to find helpful information, just put it on your website. Hell, put the things you are always looking up on your website (FAQ and bios ... anyone?). Then refer to your website in front of clients and they will see that you actively update your site to provide value to them. If you want to use your website, so will your clients!


Ok so you're on board with making your site memorable and helpful. Now, let's consider what you actually want users to do when they visit your site. Are you trying to build a blog following? Let's promote and incentivize subscriptions. Are you trying to get more solid project leads from your contact form? Let's customize it to ask the right questions and appeal to your ideal client. Are you hoping to connect with a millennial audience? Let's write some witty and relatable copy. At the end of the day, it's all about goals people. 

Not every business requires a 20 page, custom-coded site. Actually, most don't. Over the past few months, we've helped launch three distinctly different websites, from large and complex to simple and straightforward. Regardless of size, each one was developed with strategic goals in mind to create an exceptional brand experience that's beautiful and functional. 

A repair so easy it almost makes up for breaking your phone.

A repair so easy it almost makes up for breaking your phone.



Seasoned entrepreneur Blue Crump approached us with his co-founder Jordan Jez about branding and web design for their new startup, Glass Smith.  Similar to requesting an Uber, Glass Smith employs a team of on-demand repair techs to make fixing a broken phone convenient and even enjoyable. Developing a thoughtful and memorable brand experience was one of Blue and Jordan's main goals in differentiating Glass Smith's services from competitors. In our brand strategy kick-off we defined Glass Smith'svoice and our team worked hard to infuse this into every possible experience touch point. From the overall look and feel of the brand's aesthetic down to the detailed copy and messaging of the website, Glass Smith's identity is designed to feel personal and relatable, approachable but professional, and casual with a little wit. 

Since Glass Smith's website is their only storefront, designing a stunning and robust web presence was essential to their success. Our design team at Campfire & Co. focused on the front-end design and collaborated with Covintus to develop the custom back-end as well as The Content Chop Shop to write the copy. Glass Smith's site is one of the biggest web projects we've taken on to date and we are so excited with the end product. 

'Strategic brunchers' might be the best phrase we've ever coined.

'Strategic brunchers' might be the best phrase we've ever coined.


It's all about the food

Campfire & Co. collaborated with our two favorite foodies, Stephanie Ganz and Barb Upchurch of The Apple Cart on a new website for the food-focused business mentors. We initially worked with this duo to help hone the messaging of their service offerings and ended up recommending a complete website overhaul. For the new site, we focused heavily on creating a site that embodied their brand's personality, explained their services in a compelling but easy to understand manner, promoted an active blog, and encouraged action from the user on each page. Our good pal, Elizabeth Sobka of South of Belmar also assisted our team in the design and development of creating this bold and engaging site.  We had a blast working with The Apple Cart and are really excited that the final product exudes as much personality as Barb and Stephanie bring in-person. 

Letterboard and babies in buffalo plaid, it's too perfect.

Letterboard and babies in buffalo plaid, it's too perfect.


A place for child + home + tribe

We helped a new online retailer Bairn + Base, develop a modern and minimal brand identity. Co-founders, Amanda and Adam Krovic aim to create a unique space for modern parents to find exceptional products for their home, child, and tribe. The online shop has plans to launch Spring of 2017 but in the meantime, they wanted an online presence to start making connections with future customers and potential brand partners. The Squarespace coverpage site provides just a peek into Bairn + Base's brand with an introduction to their philosophy, on-brand imagery, a custom contact form, and links to their social media presence. Take a look here and also check out Amanda's blog and Instagram to get updates on B+B's plans for launch!

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