Fireside Sessions: a new workshop series!


Our first ever workshop series, GOOD VIBES ONLY was an awesome success and we are back with more! While Good Vibes Only allowed us to learn some really interesting new skills (calligraphy, floral design, apothecary and more) and inspired our creativity in ways that you can't always get during office hours, we really wanted to design a new series that focused on topics our clients and friends were struggling with in their businesses.  

So, we teamed up with content marketing expert Rachel Burns of The Content Chop Shop to ask what you needed and then built a collection of interactive classes that would respond to those needs! Without further ado, please meet The Fireside Sessions


It can be overwhelming (and at times difficult financially) to hire a consultant for every aspect of your business, we totally get it. Embracing our DIY nature and passion for empowering business owners to gather the skills they need to succeed, we have designed this four part workshop series to be interactive and specific in its focus. We will be giving you the tools and know-how to be efficient and effective with your time through crucial tips on writing, brand strategy, PR and social media. 

Starting in just 2 weeks, we will host one workshop per month for the next 4 months. First up will be our session on Branding, followed by Marketing + PRWriting, and finally, Social Media. You can pick and choose which session fits your needs most, or you can go all in and treat your business to a Gift Pack of all 4 sessions. For our VIP guests who purchase all 4 sessions, we are designing each session build upon the success of the last and will reward your extra effort with a special secret gift just for you! 

Regardless of how many sessions you attend, each will include: 

  • All materials, take home slides/handouts in a sweet branded folder

  • A one-hour networking session after class to connect with other participants

  • Light refreshments including happy hour drinks

  • A fun take away gift - unique to each session

Hope to see you at the Fireside Sessions! Tickets are very limited for each session, so be sure to grab your spot soon!