Five Reasons To Attend Rebelle's Fall Conference

Der_RebelleCon_spring2019-5 (1).jpg

For the third year in a row, Rebelle is hosting their annual Fall conference here in Richmond. We have attended at least a half dozen of Rebelle events and we really cannot say enough good things about the content, atmosphere, and community that their team is creating.


Here are our top reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this awesome event:

  1. The speakers will blow you away.

    There is some serious magic happening behind the scenes because Rebelle founder Shannon Siriano Greenwood is bringing in some of the most incredible speakers, teachers, mentors, and experts we’ve ever experienced at a Richmond event. Some of the names you’ll recognize - and trust us they’ll be great - but the best part is all of the names you haven’t heard of will be equally as amazing.

    Pro tip: do a little research beforehand because you get a chance to meet all of the speakers at Thursday night’s cocktail hour!


2. The content is bigger than your career.

You know we love a business building resource, but phew, it is so nice to take serious time to consider the development of your personal life alongside your career. That’s one of our favorite unique aspects of the Rebelle community – they create space to talk about all aspects of our lives and give you tools to support the process.


3. Every detail is considered.

As a design team we can get a little picky about the spaces in which we hang out. (Hey, that’s our job right?) The Rebelle creative team goes the extra mile to create an experience where every detail is considered. From your custom workbook, to the event signage, to the beautiful stage display, their team really thinks about it all. We can’t get enough of that type of thoughtful brand experience!


4. The crowd is diverse and inspiring.

A great lineup of speakers is one thing, but the audience can really make or break a good event. Rebelle manages to attract an incredibly wide audience of women from all types of industries, backgrounds, career paths, and more. Additionally, the space design and activities always encourage interaction with new faces, which we love.


5. The food and drinks are de-lish.

We are here for the snacks! I mean not really, but almost. At Campfire, we’re food motivated to say the least, so a good spread of quality ingredients, local purveyors, and tasty flavors are the icing on this layered cake of an event.


6. Bonus — There’s going to be branded SWAG for sale this year!

We said five reasons, but there’s a bonus! For the first time, Rebelle will have branded apparel and goodies for sale at this Fall’s conference. We have our eyes on some very adorable crew new sweaters and dad hats!


See you there?