Welcome Chelsea, our Renaissance Woman

Last Fall, we excitedly welcomed Chelsea Glowacki to our team in our first-ever operations role. As a small firm, having one person dedicated to helping us stay organized, scheduled, and running smoothly is a dream come true. Chelsea is much more than an expertly organized to-do list maker though, she’s a designer, Instagram pro, seasoned traveler and an all around delightful addition to our team. We took a few minutes to ask Chelsea, or CGlow as we’ve lovingly dubbed her, some questions about her background and what she’s excited to dive into at Campfire.

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You’re from Richmond and after college in Harrisonburg you decided to move back. Tell us why you picked RVA as your home base?

CG: I am 100% a cheerleader for the city of Richmond. I grew up here, yes, but through the different phases of my life it’s unlocked new adventures/experience that I never noticed and I appreciate so much more. Richmond is constantly evolving with new restaurants, businesses and with an incredibly adaptable community it just keeps getting better with age. Also, all of my people are here so it seemed like the best fit until I spread my wings and fly the coop!

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You’re our only JMU Duke thus far, how’d you like Harrisonburg and the design program at JMU?

CG: To be honest JMU wasn’t even on my radar until I was like ‘yeah applying to another state schools sounds good’. But wow am I happy that it ended up being on my path. The Media Arts and Design program at JMU is truly unique. It mushes together traditional marketing, communications and graphic design all together for a well-rounded individual to succeed in any design-led career they find themselves in. Harrisonburg I liked less so but the mountains were a sight to see. Fun fact Harrisonburg has best sunsets in VA! -- J-M-U Duuuukkkes! (in the annoying drawn out cheer lol)

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You’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot. What are some of your favorite spots you’ve been recently and what’s on your list for the next place to visit?

CG: I am very lucky to have been so many amazing places. My family and I are in a ‘traveling group’ if you will, called Carpe Diem and each summer one of the families gets to host and choose a different location. It exposed me to travel early in my life and I just get such a rush visiting new places and stepping out of my regularly scheduled programming. I also had the opportunity to travel abroad my junior year of college. Those four months, I went to a trillion museums, hopped around Europe and surprisingly ate a shit ton of pizza. Besides that amazing journey, some of my favorites have been Cinque Terre, Hawaii, Jackson Hole, Santa Barbara and Sedona. Next on the list is Asheville, NC and a family trip to Tuscany this summer for Carpe Diem’s 20th anniversary! ...need to get practicing on my Italian.

What are you most excited about for your role at Campfire & Co.?

CG: I really enjoy being able to dabble in every aspect of Campfire & Co. Whether that is working on design, helping with marketing or running operations, I like to think I am a helping hand and together we all are making Campfire more efficient, productive, fun and profitable MOOLAH Bbyy! Also, all Campfire’s shit is dope...But on the reals, I am so happy to be a part of such an inspirational, creative group of employees. (And that has the same love of Madewell + Glossier as me) I’m excited to see myself grow and transform this role into my own.

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Are you currently working on any hobbies or have any personal projects you’re excited about?

CG: I recently purchased the new ipad pro….AH goodbye bank account but no regrets. I have been getting more into illustration and this ipad has completely changed my workflow and opened up so many more possibilities in terms of creation. (and it’s hella fun) Right now I’m just working on finding my style, playing around and incorporating my own drawings and photography. Other than that I love staying active. I am on an adult rec soccer team, take Barre at Bar Method and enjoy a nice scroll through the fan. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer - there’s so much to do in Richmond when you can actually be outside. Hello, rooftops, porches and sunshine!

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What’s your ideal day in Richmond look like?

CG: Continuing the porch conversation, I think my ideal day in Richmond would be ...setting the scene... it’s a Saturday, sunny and 75 degrees. I have had an extremely productive day, I get home and my friends come to hangout on our porch. We have made some type of colorful frozen cocktail, think Sabai mixed with beach-y resort flare. Throw a cheese plate in there. It’s 4-4:30pm my favorite part of the day, we chat, laugh, snack etc. and make plans for a tasty dinner. Simple, lots of outdoor time, good food and good people.

Thanks CG! We’re stoked to have you here!

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all images courtesy of Chelsea Glowacki