What is Brand Strategy? Campfire & Co. weighs in on Dribbble's Courtside Blog

what is brand strategy and why is it important?

The folks at Dribbble recently reached out to Campfire & Co. to learn more about our approach to Brand Strategy and how it informs our design work. If you’re not familiar, Dribbble is an online community where designers share their work, process, and projects.

Dribbble asked our team, “what is a Brand Strategist, why is the role important, and how does it help shape a client’s brand identity and connect with their core audience?”



At Campfire & Co., we believe brand strategy is essential and integral to all of our design work. At its most basic level, brand strategy means asking, why? before how?

We believe brand strategy is the roadmap of a company’s vision—it considers an organization’s goals, true differentiators, target audiences, and brand personality.


Our designers and project managers work with our Lead Strategist to guide our clients through a process that helps us identify these key aspects of a brand’s strategy. We then use these discoveries as the foundation of our design work, allowing our visual decisions to be guided by an organization’s goals and personality.

This process ensures our design work is rooted in the most important aspects of a brand and in turn, we are better able to represent the brand and connect with its audience.


Thanks to Dribbble for including us in this round up of Brand Strategists!