Where are they now: High Point Barbershop

checking back in with our pals at High Point Barbershop


Campfire began collaborating with High Point’s founders over four years ago when they were just starting to refine their vision of the perfect barbershop. Since then, their crew of supremely talented barbers have built a sought after experience and impressive lifestyle brand in Richmond. With an unapologetic and laid back culture alongside a true passion for the craft, High Point Barbershop has created that one of a kind, authentic experience that most brands pine for.

Read on to learn more about what happens behind the scenes at High Point Barbershop!


For our readers who are unfamiliar, tell us about high point…

High Point: High Point Barbershop is a Richmond based neighborhood barbershop with two locations: The Fan and Scott's Addition.

We cater to individuals looking for a tailored, consistent grooming experience, with expert service providers and boutique retail amenities.


It’s been about four years since our collaboration, what does the business look like these days?

High Point: We have tripled in size since starting with Campfire & Co! We have some plans for the next couple of years that we're keeping under wraps, but rest assured that Campfire will be involved.


How has your brand, website, and interior experience supported you over the past few years?

High Point: Campfire really knocked it out by designing two award winning shops. The first location won "Fan District Commercial Renovation of the Year" and the second one won a Virginia “Interior Design Excellence Award."

We love the way that both shops turned out and have really settled into them. The more time that passes and the more artwork the walls collect, the better the shops look.

High Point’s version of barbershop culture is no gimmicks. It’s traditional enough be able to pay homage to the roots of our craft while being modern enough to keep up with today’s trends.

The High Point Instagram is one of our favorite accounts. What’s your strategy for producing such fun and engaging content on a regular basis?

High Point: It's organic. Our feed is truly a representation of everyday goings on at the shop. We can't make this stuff up! Our strategy is to give our followers as much insight into what being a High Point client, and team member, actually feels like.


Any advice for young barbers or entrepreneurs looking to get into the industry or open a shop?

High Point: Any move made in life should be done with purpose and passion. If you want to cut hair, make bagels, paint walls, do it with purpose and passion. You can't lose. Well maybe you can, but you'll always be a better person for it.


Cutting hair is an art form, how do you select your barbers to keep customers satisfied and coming back?

High Point: We were fortunate to start off with an extremely talented group of barbers and the brand has attracted some of the best in the area that work here. We also have had the privilege of training a some young barbers that have started their career with us really taken their craft and run with it. 

Any secret grooming tips to keep a recent cut or beard looking super fresh?

High Point: A properly performed haircut or beard trim should grow out gracefully and naturally between your visits.

If you're finding that your cut starts heading south a few days after its done, consider a new style, or give us a call for an appointment.


What’s up next for High Point? New locations? New product launches? More dodgeball tournaments?

High Point: Our 5 year anniversary is actually coming up this September, so we'll definitely be celebrating!  Beyond that, our focus is set on keeping the coffee hot, the fridge stocked with Red Bull, the music at a healthy level, the phones answered, and the cuts precise.  



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