Where are they now: Nine Roses Jewelers

catching up with the gold couple of Nine roses jewelers

Nick and Eliza DeRosa of Nine Roses Jewelers are those special kind of people that treat you like old friends the first time you meet. With backgrounds in art, design, and jewelry craft, they bring a truly one of a kind perspective to modern adornment.


Campfire collaborated with Nick and Eliza in 2015 when their business was just a gem of an idea. We helped design a visual identity, online shop, and interior experience to match the craft, refinement, and uniqueness of their brand vision. Four years and a lot of weddings (including their own!) later, Nine Roses Jewelers is thriving.

Read on to learn more about what this dynamic duo has been up to lately.

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What do you look for when adding a new collection or new designer to your inventory?

NR: First, we have to have a good relationship with the designer.  Our personalities need to work well together. We always see the work in person.  Secondly, it has to be made with exceptional craftsmanship, on an heirloom level. We aren’t selling throw-away jewelry over here.  Finally, we look for narrative, a point of view, and the artist’s vision – there has to be a story. And of course, we place great value on ethically sourced stones, eco-friendly pieces, and sustainable practices.


For our readers who are unfamiliar, can you share a sentence or two about who you are and what your brand offers?

Nine Roses: We are Nick and Eliza DeRosa, of Nine Roses. Nine Roses is an independent fine jewelry store specializing in heirloom quality  non-traditional adornment and custom jewelry. We offer a special and different experience for anyone looking for a significant piece of jewelry, regardless of the price tag.


Your in-house collection is so beautifully unique. where do you seek inspiration and what is your favorite material?

NR: Nick and I decided, yesterday actually, that 22k yellow gold is our favorite metal to work with.  It’s so luxurious, and the color is so rich and undeniable.

For inspiration, we often look to the classics and how they can be improved; how we can put our own spin on them. We both have a deep love for Indian jewelry. There is a huge variety of styles within that but they are all so fascinating.

We are also inspired by the modern woman, where in wearability is key.  The functionality of a design can often create pleasant limitations.

How does it feel to know your engagement pieces are part of such an intimate moment in a client's life?

NR: It truly never gets old.  It's always so exciting when someone is getting engaged. And it is an amazing feeling to be part of that moment.

What’s up next for Nine Roses? Anything we should book on our calendars?

NR: We are about to celebrate our 4th birthday!  On May 4th we are hosting our biggest sale EVER - 25% off the entire store for the day. Make sure to stop by!


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