Campfire & Co. is a design team that helps brands burn bright.

We work with organizations and businesses that are passionate about their stories and want to bring them to life through a dynamic branding process. From your logo mark to your business card, website layout to interior environment, we believe the brightest brands consider the entire experience. Campfire & Co. is excited to guide you on this brand adventure!


Our branding and design team is led by partners and co-founders, Lauren Stewart and Christina Kern. Lauren brings a strategic, birds eye perspective to design that compliments Christina’s love for the details. In addition to our two partners, the Campfire & Co. team also includes designer and illustrator Kasha Killingsworth and marketing maven Christie Thompson. We’re a small but nimble team that thrives on adventure and collaborative design thinking. 



Campfire & Co. is headquartered at 2219 W. Main Street. Lovingly dubbed, The Woodlot, we share the space with our friends at The Spark Mill, The Apple Cart, Bella Designs Studio, and Nurture. We love hosting events, parties, and workshops, in addition to our regular day to day routine. If you're interested in renting our flexible and light-filled space for an event, let us know.

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