The Yeomen

BRANDING • WEB Graphics • illustration

The Yeomen is an innovative company founded to assist a variety of growing companies in need of customer service support. The Yeomen’s mission of providing desk help allows for expanding businesses to move forward in the production of their projects and goals, saving them the overtime of engaging customers. In the branding of The Yeomen, Campfire & Co. created an identity that was fresh and inviting to new eyes with a friendly, fun look and feel. The final brand package illuminated the The Yeomen’s purpose with friendly graphic elements and an easy to use website interface.

Campfire & Co. helped The Yeomen create their brand identity, design dynamic graphics for their website, and illustrate several unique branded gifts for Yeomen client's and employees. 

When I started The Yeomen, I knew I needed a complete brand. Campfire produced both print and web assets that perfectly complimented our story. We regularly hear from folks who appreciate the complete package. I always enjoy working on a new project with Campfire. There is a dialogue that informs our work, and I always see a kernel of an idea grow in ways I would never anticipate. It’s nice to be respected during the process. This is why I’m always recommending them to other business that understand the essential role of a company brand.
— Jim Coe, Founder, The Yeomen