The brightest brands consider the entire experience.

We think the branding process is a lot like embarking on an epic adventure. You need a good map and the right tools before you can set up camp, build a fire, and share your experience. We help businesses do this though strategic planning, identity design, print collateral, web design, interior design, and marketing. 




Research a path and draw your map:

We believe that the brightest brands start with a thoughtful and intentional strategic approach that defines your story and personality, targets the right audience, and identifies key differentiators. Your brand strategy is a powerful map that will guide the branding process and your growth as a company. (Read more about why we think this step is so important).

Pack the Right Tools

Building a comprehensive Brand Guide:

With your strategic map in mind, we will work together to create a visual identity that embodies your brand personality. A collection of logo marks and branded elements, your final brand guide gives you the tools you need to represent your company professionally and cohesively across all mediums.

Set Up Camp and Build Your Fire

Translating your brand to web, print, and interior design:

Now it's time to apply your comprehensive brand identity to all of the places where your clients and customers interact and communicate with you. When your website, print materials, and the design of your interior all compliment and enhance your brand identity, you will begin to create a truly meaningful and memorable experience for your audience.  

Share Your Experience

Marketing, networking and social media planning:

You've worked hard to plan and build a captivating identity, story, and experience for your audience. Now you are ready to share it with the world in an intentional way. Campfire & Co. will help you do this through creating a custom and targeted marketing plan for your business. 

Campfire & Co is excited to guide you through the mountainous terrain ahead!